I am an international student studying at George Washington University, but before, I studied in Korean schools until I graduated from high school so I rarely had a chance to learn much about English. Speaking and writing were my weakest parts. Because of my low English competence, I had a really hard time during my semesters so I had decided to improve my English and finally I took Connie’s course. I spent months with Connie to analyze my weakness and found out what I was lacking and worked hard to improve those weaknesses. As a result, I achieved a remarkable improvement with my speaking skills and I could also acquire a much higher score in my TOEFL writing section. Therefore, I could recover my confidence with my studies and I strongly believe I can successfully finish my university studies in future. This happened because of the absolute professionalism of the course and the lecture. For these reasons, I would definitely want to recommend these courses to many students in non-English speaking countries and international students as well. 


I really liked the classes because the teachers create lessons based on what I want to study and what I need. I improved my speaking skills and learned how to talk with native speakers without feeling nervous. I also learned good strategies and my teachers always gave me feedback and corrections about my grammar and my pronunciation. Later on, I got help with finding a job and improving my cover letters and resumes. We had mock interviews and I learned how to answer interview questions more confidently.  I recently accepted a great job offer and I want to thank the teachers for all their help and advice. ​



I really enjoyed classes with Connie because it was so comfortable to talk with her. She is a really kind teacher and she is so passionate about teaching and helping students. She helped me to prepare for many of my English examinations, and I also got a lot of feedback to improve my speaking and writing. I got an AL on my OPIc exam and I want to thank Connie for helping me. She's one of my favorite English teachers and I will take her classes in the future again.


My name is John and I am preparing to take the TOEFL exam and Ashley and Connie are my teachers. They are very professional teachers and there are four things that I like about their teaching. First, they plan my studying schedule and give me homework with reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation. The pronunciation homework is especially helpful because I never studied pronunciation before. Now, I am practicing my pronunciation every day and English is more comfortable to speak. Second, I feel there is no wasted time because they always have an agenda for each class. Third, their homework helps me practice my weaknesses. I paused many times in my speaking answer in the past, but now I can think and speak more quickly. Fourth, they always correct my mistakes. When I am speaking, they correct my mistake right away. Because of them, I feel more confident about the TOEFL.