October 29, 2017

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October 3, 2017

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ESL Myth: Learning from "Native" English Speakers

January 23, 2018

Learning from “Native” English speakers

(for Intermediate/Advanced readers)


Part 1 - Change Your Way of Thinking


Let’s talk about an important and very common question: Is it necessary to learn English from teachers whose first language is English?


In other words, is it better to learn English with a teacher who learned English as their “native” language?


The simple answer is sometimes. Not yes, and not no. Sometimes.


Sometimes it can help you. Sometimes it will not help you.


That’s really all you have to remember. Sometimes it can be good, and sometimes it can be bad. If you have learned from many teachers, you will understand this. (The truth is that nothing will affect your learning as much as your own study, learning and communication habits, but that is a different discussion for another day).


Now, if you do not have that much experience, let’s talk about what this means